About Glauconix

Glauconix™ is the leading developer of ex-vivo dynamic 3D human tissue models for accelerating therapeutic innovation and drug discovery.  Initially Glauconix™ has focused in the ocular field on the need for new tissue models for development novel glaucoma therapeutics with the creation of nine tissue platforms.  Glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness, is currently reaching epidemic proportions - 20% of the population aged 50+ will be affected.  Given the limitations of current approaches, e.g. patient compliance challenges, varying benefits across divergent populations, and incomplete efficacy across different disease etiologies, there is a strong need for new innovative treatments.


The growing field of human tissue platforms will accelerate therapeutic innovation in many fields.   They provide species-relevant models that integrate human genetics, and more closely resemble actual human physiology to enable rapid testing and discovery across diverse population genetics.  These models can save R&D time, resources, and lead to more impactful outcomes with significant insight earlier in the process.


Our models have been used from early target identification through clinical mechanism-of-action and dose optimization.  Our capabilities include:


Gene Target Screening

Molecule Screening

Genetic / Population Screening

Safety / Toxicity

Mechanism of Action

Dose Range & Efficacy



Whether for ocular development or other tissues and conditions, please visit us at Booth #7253 to discuss how our solutions can accelerate innovation for you.

Colby Creedon