Portfolio of Services

Glauconix provides a range of scientific and technical services to accelerate, validate, augment and support the drug development process.

Glauconix BiosciencesTM novel tissue models and proprietary physiologic testing platforms have been used from discovery through clinical efforts, and can be tested with drugs, compounds, polymers, MIGS, implantable devices and therapies across the range of its science services.  These microphysiological systems can detect induced changes in intraocular pressure, the leading treatable cause of glaucoma blindness, at physiologically relevant levels with direct translatable, species and clinically relevant results.  These models provide the ‘best of both worlds’, including long-term and/or dynamic studies, combined with human-based healthy or disease models, and able to test diverse genetic populations.  This is especially important as multiple etiologies of glaucoma are emerging, and insights evolving that certain clinical stage results may tie to specific genetic populations.

Early engagement with Glauconix BiosciencesTM can accelerate discovery, understanding and efficacy, and help to avoid late stage efficacy, safety or compliance surprises.  Non-glaucoma therapeutics, and even non-ocular drugs, should be tested on Glauconix BiosciencesTM platforms to determine if IOP challenges may be present.  Indeed, certain ocular drugs for non-glaucoma conditions are already showing indications of IOP impacts.