Services Overview


Ex-Vivo Glaucoma Proxy

  • Save time and money by quickly identifying effective drug candidates
  • Predict clinical trial outcomes
  • Quickly screen drug compound libraries and identify compounds that treat the cause of glaucoma...malfunctioning Trabecular Meshwork

Glauconix will help you identify drug candidate compounds that effectively treat the cause of the disease, malfunctioning trabecular meshwork, before entering clinical trials.  Using a proprietary high-throughput tissue culturing process and a perfusion testing platform, Glauconix recreates the human eye physiology to create a realistic ex-vivo testing environment.

Mechanism-of-Action Studies

  • Understand how a potential drug interacts on a cellular level
  • What proteins are being expressed
  • What doses are appropriate

Using Glauconix proprietary testing platform and advanced imaging technology we can help you get key data to help understand how drug candidates is working so that you can make appropriate decisions regarding composition, dose, etc.



Ocular Toxicity Testing

Using Glauconix proprietary testing platform, we will help you understand whether your drug induces Glaucoma.